A strict and rigorous anonymous peer-review procedure ensures the quality and equal standing of articles submitted by professors, practitioners or students, and a distinctive linguistic policy and expertise gives authors the opportunity to publish their papers in most European languages. Furthermore, managerial and editorial decisions and work is carried out independently by graduate researchers, something still uncommon in Europe.

The EJLS serves two additional goals:

  • First, it equips students with valuable editing and organizational experience as well as writing skills, since Book Reviews are exclusively done by editorial members.

  • Secondly, in harmony with the European nature of the EUI and its cultural and linguistic diversity, the EJLS particularly encourages submissions by young academics and less known Western and Eastern European authors fostering a true European legal sphere.

It is the EJLS' firm conviction that the latter can only be achieved when the quality of ideas, and not geographic or seniority differences, prevails.

Contributing to the Journal

The EJLS publishes two issues a year, in Summer and Winter, and occasionally runs special conference issues. We accept general articles in any of our areas of expertise for advance publication at any time. For more information, please see the submissions section. We also put out Calls for Papers for symposia on topical themes. Our active Calls may be found here.

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